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I am proud of my team! This time I don’t mean the team from Jarltech, but the team from our restaurant »Uwe & Uli – Zuhause bei uns«. The gastronomic guide »Frankfurt geht aus« from the Journal Frankfurt and the Genussakademie awarded us first place in the category »Rhein-Main – feine Küche (exquisite cuisine)«. The joke is that we were not even mentioned there before, but achieved first place right from the start, which really doesn’t happen very often. A two-page article was published about us, a pure hymn of praise. For the kitchen, the service, the atmosphere. We awaited the awards ceremony like toddlers, and now we finally hold it in our hands. Years of work, sweat and tears have paid off – finally, the recognition we always strived for. A warm shower on the soul. I am very proud and equally overjoyed to have made this project possible. Initially a necessity, then later a hobby – I am there every day. I am delighted about every comment, and also about the fact that the team constantly works towards providing an even better experience for the guests. Thank you, thank you, thank you – it needed to be said. Feel free to drop by: